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Look again saves lives

Greg Rowe Greg Rowe

Georgia's governor is leading an effort to prevent hot car deaths in our state.

A child left in a hot car is not a call EMS ever wants to hear. Dougherty County EMS Director Greg Rowe says, "You're already expecting the worst and most of the time you are already trying to figure out how you are going to deal with that when you get there."

Even if the air conditioner was running, once that car is shut off just to run in the store for a minute it doesn't take long for the car to heat back up. Rowe says, "80 to 100 degrees outside you can expect 130 to 170 degrees in 10 or 15 minutes."

It only takes a few minutes for a child to start sweating, their heart rate to rise and their temperature to reach dangerous levels. Rowe says, "If he stays in there more than 15 minutes or so and it varies by child he could experience death."

If you see a child or a pet in a hot car, call police. APD media manager Phyllis Banks says Call 911 first "See how we can gain entry to the vehicle. Before making that decision as to break into that vehicle or not. We aren't saying don't do it because some situations may require them to."

Teach your young children to honk the horn if they get trapped inside. Safety can never be over emphasized. Leave a purse or a phone in the back seat to make sure you will look again.

Rowe says "Before you get out make sure you are the last one, in other words walk down that isle and look make sure nobody's curled up or taking a nap or crawled up under a seat."

Whenever you get out of the car look again just to be safe.And when your car is parked make sure its locked up tight to prevent a child or an animal from getting trapped inside.

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