Aubree Harrell recovering well in Gainesville

Aubree Harrell recovering well in Gainesville

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - Aubree Harrell had skin graft surgery in Gainesville today.

She was airlifted out of Mitchell County and her family says that helicopter was key in getting her the care she needed

In rural areas where big hospitals are miles away, getting medical care in critical situations can be a challenge.

First responders say they're like a rolling hospital, but can only do so much.

And having a helicopter to assist, like the one that flew 20-month-old Aubree Harell to Gainesville, Florida, can be vital to saving lives.

"We had a choice, the burn center in August, which is a five hour ride by ground or a five hour ride to Gainesville to Shands, and by using a helicopter, we were able to get her in an hour and a half,” says Paramedic and Field Training Officer George Joiner.

And Harrell's family agrees it helped a lot.

"I really feel like that did make the difference, with everything because it was so bad and I feel like that's why she is in the situation she is now and she is doing better," says Aunt Hollie Harrell.

Aubree's Aunt, Hollie Harrell says the family is doing well and Aubree is expected to be in the hospital for about a month.

"They are saying three or four weeks depending on how the grafts take," says Harrell.

Aubree's Great Uncle, Terry Harrell, got to the house right after the accident happened.

"I was scared for Aubrey at the time, I saw her, and Brandon also," says her Great Uncle Terry Harrell.

He says she accidentally grabbed a hot pan that had grease inside.

" She just you know with her slipping up behind him there, it was just a freak accident," says Harrell.

EMS workers say the helicopter has only been in Mitchell County for two months and its come in handy.

"Its used quite a bit and we are very lucky to have it in this area,” says Joiner.

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