Editorial: Helping Local Charities

Editorial: Helping Local Charities

It is very concerning that several local charitable organizations are struggling to raise money.

Especially, since many of these groups work with kids in our community  after school and during summer vacation.

These organizations are still doing what they can to meet the needs of those they serve but they need our help.

One way is sponsoring a child in the current Boys & Girls Club fundraiser.

Also Girls Inc. will soon announce a critical fundraiser to support their efforts and the United Way annual campaign is coming soon.

In addition to your financial support, please consider giving your time.

Many of these local groups are also in need of volunteers.

You can help many local charities by visiting http://business.albanyga.com/list/ql/family-community-civic-organizations-9

Helping to change the lives of our kids and those in need will make Albany a better place to live.

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