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Suspected husband killer faces civil suit as well

Susan Embert Susan Embert
Attorney Mark Brimberry Attorney Mark Brimberry
D. A. Greg Edwards D. A. Greg Edwards
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The family of a Dougherty County man, who prosecutors say was murdered by his wife, files a civil lawsuit against her.

The family's attorney, Ralph Powell,  says Susan Embert killed her husband and tried to make it look like a suicide to claim a large life insurance policy payout. 

Her attorney says there is no such policy.

During her bond hearing Friday, prosecutors charged that Susan Embert had been poisoning her husband Jake Embert, before he was shot and killed in June 2014. Prosecutors say labs found insecticide, anti-freeze, and arsenic in the hairs in his hair brush. 

Shortly after Susan Embert was indicted for his murder, Jake's family filed a lawsuit to freeze her assets, especially to keep her from claiming a half million dollar life insurance policy.

"We believe that the motive behind the situation was money," said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards.

But Embert's attorney Mark Brimberry says there is no half million dollar life insurance policy. "I checked into it, and it's a baseless claim. There is nothing to it. It's a baseless claim."

Brimberry says they also believe the criminal charges are baseless. At first Embert's death was ruled a suicide, but the family's private detective found enough evidence to convince the D. A. to indict her, and the Grand Jury had her charged with murder.

After the poisoning evidence was uncovered, the D. A. says more charges will be filed.

"We intend to represent the matter to the Grand Jury to bring additional charges against the defendant," Edwards said.

Edwards also says he is considering filing to seek the death penalty against Embert in this case, but has not made that decision yet.

Meanwhile Susan Embert remains held in the Dougherty County jail without bond.

The District Attorney says he's still investigating whether there is a large insurance policy.

Defense Attorney Mark Brimberry says he is working to try to get Susan Embert released on bond at her next hearing in July. 

Edwards says he will oppose her release.

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