Berlin Volunteer Fire reminds people not to drink and drive

Berlin Volunteer Fire reminds people not to drink and drive

A mock wreck reminds people not to drink and drive. Although its not real, this still hits close to home for Tina Bridwell.

"You have thoughts what would it be like with another Grandpa," said Tina Bridwell.

Bridwell never knew her grandfather.

He died after getting hit by a drunk driver. Bridwell's dad was just 21 years old at the time.

Bridwell and her daughter Kayla, who plays the crash victim, have been doing these mock accidents for five years now. 

"Just growing up now knowing him really hit home,"Kayla Bridwell said.

This also serves as a fundraiser for the Berlin  Volunteer Fire Department. 

"We're all volunteers and what we make here goes toward equipment."

And they've seen their fair share of drunk driving accidents. 

"It makes you sit back and wonder you know honestly what were they thinking,"Bridwell said. 

That's why today they want everyone to know no one is invincible.

"This is just to show it can happen to anyone," Bridwell said. 

And they don't want anyone else, especially their families asking,"what if they had lived?"

"I just hope everyone learned something from the wreck," Bridwell said.

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