Moultrie man assaulted and kidnapped

Moultrie man assaulted and kidnapped
Investigator David Jones, Moultrie Police
Investigator David Jones, Moultrie Police

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Police need your help finding the people responsible for assaulting and kidnapping a Moultrie man just outside the city limits.

Moultrie Police believe burglary victims are responsible for assaulting a man and kidnapping him over the weekend. Police say a 21-year-old man was assaulted and held against his will for hours because burglary victims believed he's responsible for stealing several of their belongings.

Investigator David Jones is working to find who's responsible for the kidnapping of a 21-year-old Moultrie man and assault in several parts of the County over the weekend.

"The individual had injuries to his face," said Investigator David Jones.

Jones says a 60 inch TV, shoes, and a game console were taken in the 2100 block of West Boulevard last Thursday leading up to the incident.

"Victims for the burglary looks like they're going to be kind of involved as offenders in this case," said Jones.

Police say a relative of the burglary victims overheard a 21-year-old man talking about the burglary in the 200 block of 7th Avenue Southwest on Saturday.

"Overheard someone talking about "hitting a lick" which is commonly referred to as you know breaking into something or robbing somebody," said Jones.

The relative contacted the victims who then began questioning the 21-year-old man about the burglary before driving him to the Shy Manor Apartments, where the 21-year-old told the victims he knew who was responsible for the burglary.

"It's unclear whether they forced him into the car or whether he volunteered to get into the car," said Jones.

They didn't believe him and they even locked him inside of a car before taking him out in Colquitt County near Funston to threaten him.

"There was gunshots fired," said Jones. "It's unclear whether they were at him or just to threaten him."

They then tortured him some more back at the home on West Boulevard where the burglary happened, at gunpoint.

" Stripped him down to his boxer shorts, put him in the shower, run cold water on him and they assault him more," said Jones.

After being assaulted for several hours, they then dropped the 21-year-old off at his mother's home just after midnight on Sunday where she called the police.

Now police are looking at telephone records and dash cam video. They believe two men and a woman are responsible for the kidnapping and assault.

They're still investigating whether the 21-year-old was responsible for the burglary.

If you have any information about this incident you are asked to contact Moultrie police.

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