Animal left at humane society, Man caught on surveillance

Animal left at humane society, Man caught on surveillance

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Workers at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society are hoping surveillance footage will help find the man who left a dog tied to a tree outside their office.

The dog was dropped off Monday while the business was closed...which managers say is illegal.

Its about 5:30 Monday morning when a car pulls up at the Moultrie-Colquitt Humane Society.

The driver gets out with a dog, but he doesn't leave with it.

Workers say they found the dog tied to a tree. She had food and water, but got lose and was lucky she didn't get hurt."

"Terrified, just sitting there shaking and it took me a minute to get him to come to me, he didn't want to come, he was just so scared," says Terry Mitchell, Director of Animal Control.

The man goes back to his car and comes back, this time wearing a hoodie.

Terry Mitchell, Director of Animal Control, says he just happened to see the dog when he stopped by.

"Luckily that morning I had just decided to come through the front door, and saw the dog sitting there," says Mitchell.

The cameras were installed a few years ago which has helped deter some people from leaving animals there during off hours.

"We are able to catch things such as this, and hopefully we will be able to use that and deter people from dropping off animals," says Director Dawn Blanton.

And they want to remind people its illegal just to drop off an animal.

"We do want people to be advised that this is against the law, abandoning an animal. So we are asking the public just to please drop off an animal when we are here to accept them," says Blanton.

And they're asking this person to come forward for the well being of the dog.

"We so we can get information about the animal, so we can place the animal with the good home," says Mitchell.