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Dry weather forcing some farmers to make changes

Ben Shirley Ben Shirley

The continued hot and dry weather across South Georgia as of Friday may have had farmers who were still planting to changing what they plant.

As of Friday, much of South Georgia was in a moderate drought and May 2015 was scheduled to be one of the driest Mays in state history if no rain fell on Friday or Saturday.

Brooks County Extension Agent Ben Shirley said Brooks County actually received around six inches of rain during week, but most other counties in the area did not and were still very dry.

"Most of [the farmers still planting] are gonna switch to a dry land cotton. That's really their only option," Shirley explained. "If not cotton, they'll probably try to switch to some beans if they're not growin' peanuts."

Shirley said even in Brooks County though where farmers had gotten the rain, the hot and dry weather still put crops at risk for many insect related problems.

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