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Traveling shark show comes to Nashville

Philip Peters Philip Peters
Dawn Morrison Dawn Morrison

Diving into a tank full of sharks may not seem like a good idea, but Philip Peters said that was exactly why he continues doing it; to show people that sharks really aren't that scary.

"I try to get the fear away from people that people have of sharks, you know," said Peters.

There were three nurse sharks in Peters' mobile 5,000 gal. saltwater tank, which is built into the trailer of a semi truck. Two sharks were males, the other one female. The biggest one was about seven feet long.

"Once you got 'em in a hypnotic state, you can do pretty much anything you like with them. You can even operate on them, but we won't do that," Peters, laughing.

The message he hoped to spread with his show came at the perfect time, too, as many people would likely be heading to the beaches over the Summer months. "Going to the beach is actually more dangerous than swimming in the ocean and getting attacked by a shark," explained Peters.

Dawn Morrison, Nashville's Main street Director, said having the show in town was great for the city. "We've sold hundreds of tickets. So, those are all people that'll come into our farmer's market and also come into our city," said Morrison.

Keegan Livingston planned on being one of those. "They're big," Livingston responded after being asked as he stood in front of the tank what he thought of the sharks.

When asked if he wanted to get into the tank with the sharks, Livingston shook his head and replied with an emphatic 'no.' But, just watching is enough for Peters to help spread his message, and that's what the show is really all about. 

As of Friday, shows were scheduled for noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. Tickets were $5 and could be purchased at the farmer's market where the tank was located, or at city hall, or the chamber of commerce.

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