Making sure you know the signs of a stroke

Making sure you know the signs of a stroke

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As part of National Stroke Awareness Month, South Georgia health officials are encouraging you to learn the F.A.S.T Exam for common symptoms.

That stands for facial drooping arm drift, slurred speech, and time to call 911 immediately.

Nearly 800-thousand people nationwide suffer strokes each year.

People over age 55 are at a greater risk and women suffer strokes more than men.

"So if you have high blood pressure, take in your high blood pressure medicine. Eating a healthy diet that's low in salt that doesn't contribute to high blood pressure. Diabetes if you don't already have it try to prevent it with exercising and diet. If you do have it take your medicines as you should. Amanda Cauley Phoebe Stroke Coordinator.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital recently received the Silver Plus Achievement Award from the American Heart and Stroke Association for their treating practices for stroke patients.

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