Leesburg PD get ready for body cameras

Leesburg PD get ready for body cameras

Leesburg Police officers will soon be equipped with body cameras. They're the latest department hoping to protect residents and officers, by recording their every move.

This body camera is one of 11, which will soon be seen clipped to the shirts of Leesburg Police officers.

"Anytime you get on a call, you're going to turn your camera on," said Chief Charles Moore, with the Leesburg Police Department.

They're durable, lightweight and easy to use.

Chief Moore says it cost $4,500 for the 11 cameras, a purchase he calls necessary. "We had some money in the budget and talked to city manager and instead of buying some other items that we put in for, I feel like this is more important for our people. More protection for them."

We've watched officer involved shootings across the country turn into mass protests, and Chief Moore knows it could happen here too. "With everything that's going on nowadays, I just want our officers to feel safe and the public to feel safe of our officers."

Officers, who are a little skeptical about the new equipment. "Some of them are kind of hesitant about it. Some of them worry about privacy rights," explained Moore.

You can playback video, but not delete it. "Nobody can delete nothing on these cameras but me," said Moore.

The video records onto a SIM card, which only the Chief can access by plugging it into this computer.

While Chief Moore says he's never had any problems with his police offices and the public, he knows having these body cameras will add another layer of protection to hold everyone accountable.

The cameras also have GPS capability in case it comes off during a chase.

Officers are expected to begin using these cameras in the next week or so, after they complete a training class.

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