'Seamless' meals help students in summer

'Seamless' meals help students in summer

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Summer is here, and for many students that means vacations and relaxation.

But for some kids summer means figuring out where they will get their next meal.

But there's a program at Monroe High School where workers are cook and prepare breakfast for students under age 18.

They get at least two nutritious meals a day during the summer months.

Pamela McCray has spent the last 19 years of her summer mornings cooking these meals.

"It's just like a family. We come in and do what we need to do and we get the breakfasts and lunches out."

Meals are prepped and served as part of the Seamless Summer program, which provides nutritious meals during the summer to anyone under the age of 18.

"We're happy for what we do," said McCray. "We're happy that we can feed them during the summer when so many children don't even get meals."

Dougherty County School Nutrition Director Blaine Allen said providing these meals to students is critical.

"A healthy child is a happy child," he explained.

About 172,000 meals were served last year, and this year they hope to serve 200,000.

Allen said the program provides more than food though. He says receiving thank you letters reminds him why it's so important.

"The food was good. The one that was very good was a cheeseburger. So can you please keep giving out free meals for us each summer? Thank you," the note read.

It's for the same reason Pamela McCray doesn't mind spending her mornings helping cook.

"A lot of students tell me in the morning, 'Thank you for what you all do,'" she said.

The only requirement to receive meals is that students must be under age 18.

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