Editorial: Learning from Canada

Editorial: Learning from Canada

Sometimes great ideas originate in California, and make their way east. Here is one that started in Canada, and we hope it makes its way SOUTH.

After government regulations became so cumbersome that business was nearly crushed by them in British Columbia, they decided that for every NEW law that was enacted, TWO old ones had to be deleted.

In Canada at large, the legislature cut that, deleting one old law for every new law.

This is an idea we desperately need in America, where no one knows exactly how many laws we have.

The Internal Revenue Code is more than 7,500 pages long.  The Obama care law alone is over two thousand pages long.

As of 2007, there were over four thousand acts that are federal crimes.

Business groups say American business spends two trillion dollars EACH YEAR-- complying with federal regulations.

That's enough money to give every American, from newborn to hospice, six thousand dollars.

Is that something you can relate to?

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