Albany city leaders speak about hiring new city manager

Albany city leaders speak about hiring new city manager

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city leaders vote to hire a new City Manager, a woman who's being forced out of her current job.

Sharon Subadan has been demoted twice recently in Hillsborough County, Florida,but city leaders insist she's the best of the more than 50-people who applied for the Albany job.

According to the NBC affiliate in Tampa, she was demoted from deputy Hillsborough County Administrator to Assistant County Administrator after an audit showed a homeless recovery program she oversaw spent millions of dollars sending people to live in terrible properties that officials never inspected.

A couple of months ago, she was demoted again and told her job would be eliminated in September.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard said city leaders asked her about that and were satisfied with her answers.

"When you are looking for managers who have had huge numbers of people working for them they cannot have their hands into everything that's going on and somethings are going to slip through the cracks. I can tell you that a thorough investigation of her background was done,” said Mayor Dorothy Hubbard Albany Mayor.

Mayor Hubbard said she was impressed with Subadan's experience with a large government budget.

Interim City Manager Tom Berry left last week.

He spent ten months on the job following the sudden retirement of James Taylor.

City Attorney Nathan Davis will now negotiate a contract with Subadan.

No word on when she'll start.

Phil Roberson will serve as Interim City Manager until she does.

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