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South Georgia farmers looking forward to some rain

Fred Wetherington Fred Wetherington
Jake Price Jake Price

Walking along the rows of tobacco in his field Tuesday afternoon, Fred Wetherington knew that the tobacco plants needed some rain soon in order to grow into a healthy and ultimately profitable crop come harvest time.

"On the land where we have irrigation, we're spendin' more money than we'd like to spend tryin' to keep the crops irrigated. Then, on your dry land spots our stand is not like you'd like," Wetherington explained.

The lack of rain was also making it harder for farmers to keep there fields free of grass and weeds. "The herbicides don't get activated unless they get wet. So, we're gonna have grass problems, weed problems, and not have a real good stand in those dry land spots if we don't get a rain pretty soon," said Wetherington.

"Sometimes, when it gets dry weather this bud tightens up and it's really hard," Wetherington said, explaining what a bud worm is as he poked his fingers through a tobacco plant looking for any sign of them.

But, Lowndes County Extension Agent Jake Price pointed out that it was not just tobacco farmers that are feeling the effect of the hot and dry weather. "Some cotton has emerged and needs some more moisture to establish a root system," Price said.

The weather was hard on peanut farmers, too. "They need rain, too, to start pegging down," said Price.

But rain was in the forecast as of Tuesday afternoon, and late Tuesday afternoon heavy rain showers did fall across much of South Georgia.

For Fred and other farmers, the forecasted rain meant that it was time to celebrate."We'll wait 'till it's rainin on us, then we'll do a little dance," Wetherington said.

Something he was hopeful he'd be able to do over the next few days.

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