Firework sparks East Albany truck fire

Firework sparks East Albany truck fire

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Arson investigators are looking for answers after a firework caused a truck to catch fire.

They believe a legal Georgia sparker was tossed inside the truck on Monday in East Albany.

Witnesses said they heard loud pops before spotting the fire.

The truck belongs to Charlie Peters.

The front seat has huge holes where a fire burned it Monday afternoon.

Peters was visiting at Annie Dennis' John Street home when she said she heard loud pops.

"I said hold it, Charlie. I said I heard something like a firecracker. I said it sounds like it was in my yard," Dennis recalled.

Peters said he looked outside and saw people running toward the house, and then he saw flames and smoke pouring out of his truck.

"We called the Fire Department, but we went and tried to get some water and tried to get it out as quick as possible," said Peters.

Arson investigators talked with several people Tuesday, including some young teens about the fire.

They said it appears a sparkler was used to start the fire, but fire officials are concerned they will see more of this when fireworks become legal for Georgia in July.

"This is one of the examples where we are going to have more injuries, more property damage, things of that nature," said Albany Fire Deputy Chief Ron Rowe. "The more it's available in the public, the more incidents we are going to have."

As arson investigations continue to look into this fire, fire officials are urging parents to teach their kids about fireworks safety.

"[Let] them know what the consequences can be with these fireworks, the damage they can produce. And when you are looking at the damages to people and property, it's absolutely an educational opportunity," said Rowe.

Peters said he is concerned how much it will cost to repair his truck, while fire investigators work to catch the person who threw the firework inside it.

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