High school trainer hopes to better protect players, spectators

High school trainer hopes to better protect players, spectators

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - A high school athletic trainer is asking for your help to protect athletes and spectators. His project is one of 50 finalists in a nationwide safety grant program from State farm Insurance.

Weather can really sneak up on us. That's why Crisp County High trainer J.P. Hamilton wants a better way to detect and predict lightning.

"It becomes challenging especially when storms are building and coming of when is the exact time that we need to pull athletes off the field," said Crisp Regional Athletic Trainer JP Hamilton.

That's why a lightning detector is important for Crisp County Athletics--keeping athletes safe on the fields and fans safe in the stands.

"It's crucial because the worst thing that I need as an athletic trainer is to have an athlete or a coach struck by lightning," said Hamilton.

But Hamilton says there's an even better machine out there that predicts instead of just detecting.

"The prediction system gives us more advanced warning and ample time to clear the premises in case lightning is coming," said Hamilton.

The only problem- it's way too expensive. Hamilton needs your help to get the system.

That's where State Farm's neighborhood assist program comes in--awarding $25,000 to the top 40 candidates in their community projects.

"It's a way for us to provide for communities that have projects and have things that would help their communities be better. It's way for the company to give back," said Agent Mike Browning.

Votes are counted on Facebook and are accepted until June 3rd.

"We give an advanced warning, we could clear the stands, clear the field and get people out of harm's way," said Hamilton.

It's a beneficial warning to anyone in Crisp County. You can vote up to 10 times a day.

Hamilton's "Bolt the Premises" project is currently 47th, so he needs a boost getting into the top 40. You can by clicking


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