Georgia couple is set to help Texas flooding

Georgia couple is set to help Texas flooding

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some American Red Cross volunteers in south Georgia are on standby to go to Texas to help with the flooding. Mark and Connie Fleetwood are a retired couple who love to travel and have very big hearts.

"In a strange sort of way Red Cross is giving us a opportunity to travel. We're on stand by to go to Texas. We are not the type of people who sit around if they send us we want to be put to work," said Mark Fleetwood.

Right now they are stand by to travel to help people in need. "Whoever comes to this window we feed them it doesn't matter who you are where ever you are we're going to feed you," said Connie Fleetwood.

The Fleetwoods have been driving Emergency Response Vehicle number 11-38, which is one of 350 in the US, to people in need for five years. They say Hurricane Sandy changed them forever. "It was total devastation of a complete community gone."

Since then, Mrs. Fleetwood says they are more than ready to respond at the drop of the hat. "Unless one of my children or one of my grandchildren need me for something there's not much more that would stop Mark and me from going."

The Fleetwoods don't know where they will be in Texas. But they know they are ready to help anyone in need, and you don't have to be full time to volunteer. The Red Cross is always looking for people to help.

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