Editorial: Security Cameras

Editorial: Security Cameras

Two recent disclosures that security cameras were in place but not operational are a little unsettling.

Although there were no incidents at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, a recent WALB news story revealed that the parking lot cameras were not functional. The seven cameras have been installed for three months but the video cannot be recorded until the Airport Commission buys the needed software.

We have also recently discovered the security cameras downtown were not working during a late night shooting near Front Street.

The city says downtown cameras are not intended to be used at night and are only monitored during big events.

"In order for us to do that we would have to upgrade the system and use a much more expensive camera," said Wes Smith.

If plans to develop downtown are going to succeed, then why not install the best camera system available.

If you want people to work, live and shop downtown, they are going to want know that everything is being done to insure their safety.

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