Albany Southside Library to re-open

Albany Southside Library to re-open
DOCO commissioner John Hayes
DOCO commissioner John Hayes

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Southside Library in Albany has been vacant for over a year, it was shut down initially due to budget cuts. However, the future looks bright as Dougherty County leaders set the framework to re-open its doors.

"We're fortunate and certainly thankful to the citizens, the taxpayers of Dougherty County that we're able to restore [it]," said Dougherty County Commissioner John Hayes.

It's a facility that the community has been longing for. Neighbor Carolina Smith has a little one and says having a library so close to home will make a difference in his life.

"I think its a great idea that everybody will enjoy having it open because its convent for the computers, books and the labs. Everything is great over there," said Smith.

Several thousand dollars of funding will be provided by SPLOST to help repair the building's roof and indoor amenities.

For Commissioner Hayes, it's a step in the right direction to revitalize a neighborhood staple.

"It's very valuable and critical resource, particularly when we are trying to improve our results in education," continued Hayes.

"Its a fun place to be when you've got spare time," said Smith

County leaders are optimistic Southside will be a success in bringing in members of the community once again.

"Westtown library was re-opened recently and activity there has picked up and that is wonderful. And we anticipate much the same here."

Residents say they are ready to see the changes..

"They should hurry up and process this because I miss the library," said Smith.

County leaders hope to have the facility fully operational by next year.

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