Former Albanians get flooded in Texas

Former Albanians get flooded in Texas

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Over the weekend, Texas has experience a lot of flooding. Much of the state has been dealing with heavy rain for weeks.

Monday we spoke to Wayne Bateman in Longview, Texas. He's making repairs after flash flooding sent a few inches of water into his home, but he knows he got off easy compared to many others.

" We ripped everything out, all the baseboards are gone. Part of the sheet rock is gone, as we try to get it dried out so we can replace the floors. That's a whole lot better than what a lot of people throughout Texas have right now. Their houses are completely gone," said Bateman.

Much of central Texas has gotten more than 10 inches of rain this month.

It could end up being the wettest May on record for many cities.

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