Police have advice for traffic stop behavior

Police have advice for traffic stop behavior

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - We're still waiting for the GBI to release names in a shooting involving a state trooper that shut down I-75 last Friday. The trooper shot a passenger in a car he had stopped for speeding.

Law enforcers say traffic stops can be the most dangerous thing they do on a daily basis. We talked to officers about what you should and shouldn't do if you get pulled over.

It's how most traffic stops start, officers turn on their lights as they catch up to pull over drivers. Dougherty County police officer Brandon Torrence said drivers should stop immediately.

"As soon as you can, or as safely as you can, pull over to the right side or open area where we can conduct the traffic stop safely," said Officer Torrence.

After stopping, Torrence said you should remain calm and not make sudden movements that may raise red flags.

"Those are things we look out for. Just be your natural self, let us do our job and we're going to have you about your way," said Torrence.

I took to the roads and asked some drivers if they knew what to do, and many of them did.

"I let my window down, but I sit in the truck until he asks for anything else."

"Do you get out of the car," I asked.

"No not unless I was told to get out."

"[I] listen to him first explain to the reason he stopped you."

Police say the best thing to do it you get pulled over is first, roll your window down. Next, have your license and registration ready for them, and then place both hands on the steering wheel until they get to the window.

Torrence said you should stay in your car be respectful to the officer.

"Don't argue with us on the roadway. There's no point in it. That's what the court date is there for. That's what we give it to you for," said Torrence.

All of this will hopefully eliminate more violent and possibly deadly incidents.

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