Memorial Day celebrated, from DC to Dougherty

Memorial Day celebrated, from DC to Dougherty
Darrun May
Darrun May
GSP Corporal Andrew McKenzie
GSP Corporal Andrew McKenzie

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - President Obama spent his morning taking part in a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, where he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns to honor the sacrifices of armed service members.

He greeted former Kansas senator Bob Dole, who was wounded in World War II, and is active in programs for veterans.

The president also spoke about his view on those that serve. Troopers are encouraging drivers to be especially cautious as many folks head home.

One man avoided the roads altogether this weekend and had his own Memorial Day celebration close to home. Darrun May is celebrating Memorial Day by cooking out with friends and family, and staying away from the roads.

"We know the roads are going to be busy and I'm on the road every day, and it's close to home. So that's why we decided to come to Chehaw," May said.

May is a truck driver, and sees dangerous situations on the highway every day. "Just about every day that I'm out there somebody is not driving the way they're supposed to, cell phones, texting and all that is one of the biggest factors."

Factors that contribute to fatalities on the road. Corporal Andrew McKenzie with the Georgia State Patrol says they've been aggressively patrolling all weekend.

"There's a lot of people traveling out there, a lot of people speeding, a lot of people not paying attention of what they're doing," said McKenzie.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety says so far, 11 people have died on Georgia's roads-- that's two more than last year.

And three of those fatalities were in South Georgia. "It's most definitely concerning, because our main objective as troopers is to ensure the road is safe so we would ask that everyone be safe. Stay off the cell phones, obey the speed limit, leave in time and don't speed," said McKenzie.

Dangers that May wants to avoid. "Pretty much the way people drive now, that's pretty sad."

So he's thinking safety this holiday weekend, along with plans for a big feast.

The 78 hour traffic period ends at midnight. A Trip-Advisor survey says 41% of travelers will be returning home today from their long weekend vacation.

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