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Protesters chant outside Lowndes High School graduation for Kendrick Johnson family

Marcus Coleman, Johnson family spokesperson Marcus Coleman, Johnson family spokesperson
(Source: Jarques Williams, Lowdnes Co. Student (Source: Jarques Williams, Lowdnes Co. Student

Kendrick Johnson, the Lowndes County High School teen who was found dead on the high school campus in 2012 was suppose to graduate this year.

Instead protesters lined up in front of the school in support of the family and the teen.

Thousands gathered at Lowndes High stadium for graduation Saturday morning but a heavy police presence was on site. On lookers were reminded that one student was not in attendance,

"On the graduation of what would be Kendrick's graduation is why we came out here today," said Marcus Coleman.

Dozens of protestors gathered on behalf of Kendrick Johnson. The teen was found dead 2 years ago in a rolled up gym mat in the schools old gymnasium.

Family said that the school has denied several of their requests to have their son's memory honored during the graduation.

"Three simple requests were given, they were denied," said Marcus Coleman, Johnson Family Spokesperson.

Kendrick Johnson's family requested that Lowndes County High School honor their son with an honorary diploma and have his sister receive the diploma. As well as, a moment of silence for Johnson. Johnson's mother was informed there was a moment of silence.

"To little too late," said Coleman.

The Johnson family did not want to go on camera, but a family spokesperson did speak on their behalf.

"Well I would think in order to acknowledge the life you would have the parents there to receive that acknowledgement."

As the protest stood in front of the school, some were reminded of the hurt that is still fresh with those who knew and loved Johnson.

"I saw pain and them suffering," said Jarques Williams, student.

While law enforcement stood by, the protest remained peaceful and the graduation went on without incident. Still, Johnson supporters calling for answers in his death.

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