Caught on tape: Moultrie Police needs help locating two suspects

Caught on tape: Moultrie Police needs help locating two suspects

Moultrie Police are asking for help to find a couple of crooks caught on camera in the Walmart parking lot.

This surveillance video shows four thieves in broad daylight last Friday, stealing a car radio out of a PT Cruiser.

"Probably took two to five minutes," Moultrie Police Investigator Eric Hill said.

Within those few moments they look like they are just going to drive off with nothing. But then things get odd.

"It was kind of unusual how they back forward and back, back. Normally when something like that occur they already go in the car and get out of there as fast as they can," Hill said.

Police found two suspects, Christopher Hayes and Zayvone Brown, across the street at Colquitt County High School just minutes after the theft.

"They advised they were trying to get their transcripts from the school, " Hill said.

Now Moultrie Police need your help finding the driver and the passenger of the vehicle. Take a close look.

"One of the suspects he has dreads probably about shoulder length he was wearing a red shirt. The other shorter hair cut and he had a dark gray t-shirt," Hill said.

Since it happened during the afternoon with several witnesses around, they're hoping someone will come forward with some information.

"None of them came forward maybe once this gets out maybe they'll want to come forward and talk to us about it," Hill said.

Police do not know the names of the other two people involved.  If you have any information that can help them call Moultrie PD at 229-890-5500.

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