South Georgia hospitals drill for emergency disaster response

South Georgia hospitals drill for emergency disaster response

Hospitals and medical facilities across South Georgia conducted an emergency drill today .....preparing for mass causalities that could come in disaster events.

"Help please."  "My neck."  "Help me please."

As part of their drill, dozens of injured patients pour into the Phoebe Putney emergency room, needing help. The scenario is that a tropical storm has hit South Georgia, spinning off dozens of tornadoes across 17 counties.  One tornado hit Albany's Marine Base, killing 7, injuring dozens."

"Can you sit up. No."

Organizers tried to make the drill realistic, with a lot of issues all at once.

"sighs in pain." Doctor says "Can I get some help moving this guy?  Who is clinical here."

Phoebe Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Gary Rice said "We stress our systems, but not our people so much.  So therefore we get that real life.  Learning experience from it, without having the real victims."

"Let's put an IV in. Who is helping out?  Give her some oxygen.  Give me an ambio lap, spike, and an IV bag."

This drill has been in the planning for 8 months, with Phoebe the regional coordinating hospital.   Hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis centers, and all other kinds of medical facilities also took part, to give an idea of what they could face if a real tropical storm hit.

Rice said "We'll take everything that we learned today and we'll go back and look at our emergency's plan.  And see what we need to do to make them stronger and better.  And just better prepared for the real deal."

Because emergency preparers know disasters do happen, and it is best to practice and drill to be as ready as possible.

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