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Boaters are ready to make some waves

Larry Pendley Larry Pendley
Matthew Huggins Matthew Huggins
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Boating enthusiasts are getting ready for the unofficial start of summer this weekend, and workers are doing last minute checks to make sure engines start, and people are safe.

Larry Pendley is cranking his engine, making sure his boat is ready for another summer season. "This is actually only the second time it's been in the water. Just getting it out and going to test it out and see if there's anything that needs to be fixed. Usually anytime you let one sit up for very long it's going to have to have something repaired on it."

And that's exactly what workers at Huggins Outboard were doing, repairing and doing service checks for customers, who are hoping to have their boats in the water this Memorial day weekend.

"We've been very busy as far as getting customer's boats out," Matthew Huggins of Huggins Boats. Before you venture out for a long weekend, make sure everything is in good, working condition.

"Make sure there's no fuel leaks in the boat, make sure there's no oil leaks, check all your hose clamps, make sure they're good and tight. Check the weather forecast before you go out. And make sure everybody has a life jacket on the boat," said Huggins.

While boaters are required to have to registration, they don't need insurance.

"It's not required, but it's a very good idea to get boat insurance."

And for Pendley, who was simply testing the waters at Cromartie Beach, this boating season also means some new equipment. "Got a new boat trailer, and we need to put it in the water to get the boat off of it, to adjust the bunks that are on the boat."

All the necessary preps to have a fun, but safe holiday weekend.

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