Authorities investigate home invasions in Colquitt County

Authorities investigate home invasions in Colquitt County
Lt. Shawn Bostick
Lt. Shawn Bostick
Mike Edwards
Mike Edwards

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - The Colquitt County's Sheriff Office is investigating two violent home invasions.

They're banged up and shaken up and some people here making sure they now keep their doors locked.

Mike Edwards and his roommate Kenneth Osborne also known as Gator were watching television Friday night when two masked men barged into their home.

“I thought it was a game or something until they hit the gator in the head with a ball bat and that's when I knew it was for real,” said Mike Edwards.

One of the suspects holding a pistol also struck Edwards.

“They asked me for my wallet and I told them I didn't have nothing, and popped me in the mouth with the gun," continued Edwards.

The suspects took off with money and medication from the home. Four days later, Edwards is still feeling the pain.

“Knocked my teeth pretty good I am still sore.”

Both Osborne and Edwards have lived here for some time and said they never expected anything like this to happen.

“Home invasions are a very violent crime and they don't happen often,” said Lt. Shawn Bostick, Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

The home invasion that happened at Edwards home was one of two over the weekend in Colquitt County.

“Of course we are investigating now if they are related,” said Lt. Bostick.

The second home invasion happened Saturday.

There were two robbers, but instead of a pistol, they used a shotgun.

“A struggle actually ensued and a gun was actually discharged,” said Lt. Bostick.

No one was hurt, and the suspects took off with money as well.

Now investigators are trying to see who is responsible for both crimes.

If you know anything about either crimes the Sheriff's Office is asking you to contact them at 229-616-7431.

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