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Living healthy with local organic produce

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Eating organic, fresh and chemical free food is a growing trend . More people want to know where their food is coming from, what chemicals are being used and how it's being processed.
Farming methods were naturally organic until world war ii when chemicals changed that.
After starting a family, one farmer went back to the old ways.

Cory Mosser is a farmer, consultant and owns Natural Born Tillers he says, "I've got three little girls and i wanted them to grow up running barefoot eating raw okra."
Cory Mosser managed 2 farms for about 10 years and says that made a big difference in how his children look at food.
Mosser says, "They still like junk food but they understand what real good food is and they will eat anything raw and crunchy."

Mosser is now a consultant and spoke to farmers at Albany's healthy living farms today about growing their business.
Mosser says "it was great to come to Ann's farm here at healthy living and see something that's happening in south Georgia  because this is blossoming all over the country"

Healthy Living started with a group of people who want to eat good organic chemical free produce and make it available to their neighbors.
Ann Milton the project manager says, "I believe people really want to eat healthy but they're just not sure where they can go to find healthy food. so we decided that we were gonna start a good food movement here in Albany Georgia."

Milton says the experience of changing one little girl's mind about vegetables is worth all the hard work.
Milton says, "She walked out of the market eating pickled okra asking her mom to buy her more because she had been exposed to something different." 

Healthy Living Farms has opened its CSA or community supported agriculture for membership registration so you can be a part of the process and receive shares in the bounty.

Mosser says, "we can grow it so the farmer makes money and the community can come and support that farmer that's gonna benefit everybody."

Healthy Living Farms will open their market on May 30th from 10-2 and then will be open on Thursdays and Fridays from 12-5.
Harvest days are Thursdays.  You can find them at 3810 Gillionville Road.
You can also join them on facebook for their seasonal produce and other information on their programs.
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