Editorial: Tommy Postell's Comments

Editorial: Tommy Postell's Comments

Once again Albany City Commissioner Tommy Postell has embarrassed the city with his off the wall comments.

Postell said Albany's gang task force has deteriorated under a woman's leadership, and that “THEY,” clearly meaning any woman, should not be in charge.

Rarely has something so insulting and ignorant been spoken at a City Commission meeting. The Mayor and other commissioners should strongly condemn this inappropriate language.

In addition to the sexist comment itself, who does Postell think is at home dealing every day with gang problems?

Mothers and grandmothers are actually preventing our gang situation from being even worse. Many of these women are raising children by themselves.

Let me remind you, this is the kind of poor leadership that could easily be eliminated by consolidating the City and County governments.

With fewer and larger districts, the quality of elected leaders will improve by casting a larger net, increasing the number of those who run for office.

I hope it is very clear to voters that another man or another woman would make a much better commissioner than Mr. Postell !

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