Wandering gator captured safely

Wandering gator captured safely

LAKE PARK, GA (WALB) - A trapper removed a feisty alligator from the middle of a south Georgia road Monday.

The nearly eight-foot gator long was spotted in the middle of Lakes Boulevard in Lake Park around 12:45 this morning.

Law enforcement called Donny "Gator Man" Bartow from Hahira, who says the gator didn't want to leave the warm asphalt.

"My son and I put a top jaw rope on 'em, which i still have in my hand, and it was just a matter of wearing' 'em out a little bit, pinning' his mouth down, taping' it up. Once we got that, his mouth secured, we picked 'em up and put 'em in the back of the truck," said Donny "Gator Man" Bartow.

Bartow will take the reptile to a gator farm in Camilla.

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