First Baptist Church of Cordele opens new building

First Baptist Church of Cordele opens new building

It's taken a few years, but the First Baptist Church of Cordele finally opened its door at its new location.

As you walk through the front door of the newly built First Baptist Church of Cordele you are greeted by Ronnie Musgrove.

And as he greets everyone he hands them a gift to celebrate the opening of the new building.

"It's a little cross that goes in your pocket and a little card that goes with it and explains what the cross is."

It took the Church two years to build this location.

"There was a lot of those who didn't believe that the church would ever be built."

But now it is here with new faces.

"People that we haven't met before they're coming in they're checking it out."

Some came in because of the advertisements around town.

"We sent fliers out the past couple weeks. They got one of the flyers and they here to visit."

Ronnie feels they will see more people because the church so close to highway 300 and 75.

"We hope to put up some build boards along 300 and 75 pointing in the direction of the church and have some people say hey we want to be apart of that."

But the biggest hope is more people will come in the door for Ronnie to greet.

"This is where God brought me and it's been a joy and a pleasure ever since."

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