Peddling to be number one

Peddling to be number one

Albany Unchained is the second stop for the Southeast Regional Series that has 50 teams competing.

Nearly 500 people are burning two rubber wheels around Albany for the next two days.

"You want to be ready when it takes off when the starting line hits," Scott Moore said.

Off to hopefully be number one, and the competition is fierce.

"Every time I race I aim to be first," Lino Asiatico said.

Lino Asiatico has been racing for seven years and says biking is in his blood.

"I use to bike in the late 80's when I was a teenager, and then I left it and went to mountain biking," Asiatico said.

But now he's back to road racing, and hopes to be on top.

"I've place second place third place top tens, I've never been first."

"When you get to the line you want to be warmed up ready to go because sometimes the first few laps are the fastest of the race," Moore said.

Asiatico warms up to make sure his legs are ready for the long ride.

"Sometimes it will just  start off really fast and if you get cold muscles your legs won't respond,"Asiatico said.

This helps him mentally prepare.

"Race smart save my energy watch the attacks,"Asiatico said.

"Attacks are when one guy shoots off the front breaks of the group and people try to chase him,"Asiatico said.

Which may seem dangerous, but Asiatico  says its safe.

"It's actually  probably safer because it's probably like two or three guys by themselves compared to 25 guys," Asiatico said.

And he's ready to go, and says he's in it to win it.

"I am going to try to be the overall champion.

The next two stops in the four city series are Knoxville, TN and Greenville, SC.

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