'Be Fit Be Cool' event teaches kids good eating habits

'Be Fit Be Cool' event teaches kids good eating habits

COFFEE CO., GA (WALB) - The "Be Fit Be Cool" event is teaching Coffee County middle schoolers about eating right and exercising.

Physicians say childhood obesity numbers are higher than ever.

Physicians from Warner Robins talked to children about calories and portion control on Friday

"It is very important to build a healthy life style at an early age because the earlier you learn, the longer you can practice it and that helps because like I said one third of our children are obese," said Dr. Santamu Das, a pediatrician from Warner Robins.

"We are winding up next week so they were excited to be able to come out, and excited about the shirts that they were able to get through all of our sponsorship," says Sherri Berry, Principal of Coffee County Middle School.

Kids also got lots of cool prizes like water bottles and watches, and free t-shirts.

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