Coffee Co. man serving life for murder could get new trial

Coffee Co. man serving life for murder could get new trial

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Coffee County man serving a life sentence for murder could soon go on trial again.

Corey Smith's family says the appeal process has been frustrating .Margaret Smith says her son is serving a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit, and their hoping for a new trial soon.

Margaret Smith flips through pictures of her son Corey, many of them with family members who have visited him in prison.

This photo was taken with his grandmother who has since passed away.

Smith has spent 19 years in Autry State Prison for the 1996 murder of 41-year-old Billy Ray Browning.

"As long as your child hurt, you hurt along with them, and as long as he's locked up, I feel like I'm locked up also," says his mom Margaret Smith.

Smith is currently being held in the Coffee County jail awaiting a new trial.

Smith's attorney tells us the Coffee Superior Court granted him a new trial after a previous judge didn't grant him an attorney.

But it's been delayed.

"Every time it comes up for review, they discontinued it like they did today, it was supposed to be Monday, but they put it off to a later date, they didn't say what date," says his Aunt Helen Jones.

Which has been upsetting for Smith and his family.

"He's frustrated with it because he's ready to come home," says Jones.

But his mom says they stay strong through prayer.

"Prayer, my family, that's about the best that I can tell you. Thank God that I have family I love and stick with it," says Smith.

And she hopes one day he can have a chance at freedom.

"For my son to come home and live a real life just like anybody else," she says.

And for justice to be served.

"I just don't think that everything for Corey has been done for him, and they have let me down, and him down also," she says.

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