Court sentences 4 in gruesome dogfighting ring

Court sentences 4 in gruesome dogfighting ring
Albany Federal Courthouse (Source: WALB)
Albany Federal Courthouse (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Four men convicted for their participation in brutally killing dogs and fighting them in a ring were sentenced in federal court Friday.

Arthur Lee "Hilbert" Clark, 42, of Sumner, Demitri Jackson, 38, William "JB" Burns, 42; all of Albany, and Timothy "LO" Hopkins 42, of Hiram, were sentenced in Albany Federal Court for conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.

According to an indictment, the men operated a dogfighting gambling enterprise, called 229 Boys Kennels, Inc., from about April 2006 to April 2010 in Albany.

They produced, promoted and participated in dogfight gambling shows throughout the Southeast, including other parts of Georgia and Florida.

The dogs that 229 Boys Kennels used were advertised and sold for dogfighting matches, but ones not selected to continue fighting faced a gruesome fate.

Those dogs were exterminated by "bludgeoning them in the head with a hammer, slamming them on the ground until dead, and by other inhumane methods," the indictment read.

The men also bred, purchased, sold, and trained Pit Bulls for the purposes of dogfighting.

The dogs were bred with dogs owned by, purchased from, and sold to individuals from other parts of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Demetri Jackson was sentenced to serve two years in prison. Timothy Hopkins received three years in prison. William "JB" Burns must serve two years in prison. Arthur Lee Clark was sentenced to serve three years on probation.

On the day of their arrest, officials found 42 Pit Bulls being used for dogfighting.

The case was the result of a four-year investigation conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Sylvester; U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General; and U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Timothy Hopkins and Arthur Lee Clark pled guilty to the charge on December 10, 2014. Demetri Jackson and William Burns entered guilty pleas on January 20, 2015.

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