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Students go all super-hero against bullying

eighth grader Madisson Casey eighth grader Madisson Casey
eighth grade teacher Courtney Carter eighth grade teacher Courtney Carter
LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Some Lee County middle school students are taking a stand against bullying after one of their classmates became a target. Friday, they wore capes to show it won't be tolerated at their school.

While they may look like superheroes, they're 8th graders at Lee County Middle School East, fighting a very real problem-- bullying.

"I want everyone to know that we are doing this because it's for a good cause. I want bullying to stop," said eighth grader Madisson Casey.

It all began after one their classmates was being picked on for wearing a cape to school. "As a group we decided to come together and all wear capes today in honor of him and as a way to put awareness to bullying and say stop, there's no need for it," said Casey.

They decided taking a silent, but visual stand against bullying would be most effective.

"They try to put campaigns out and they try to put a stop to it, but it becomes redundant and it loses its true meaning. This is a way, instead of saying words and trying to tell somebody something, this is actions."

Actions that are having a very big, positive impact on the school and the student, who was bullied.

"He stood in front of my whole class and said that yesterday was such a sad day for him, threw his cape in the trash, didn't want anything to do with it. And stood up today in front of everyone and said you guys have made this such a great day for me and that's powerful as a teacher to see that," said eighth grade teacher Courtney Carter.

A powerful movement started by students just wanting to help one of their own.

And these superheroes plan to continue their fight, one cape at a time.

The students are planning on having another bullying awareness day where all the students wear capes. If you're wondering how they got all these capes, a lot of the students won them while they were on a field trip.

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