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Student dreams of teaching the deaf

Deans List Katie Mueller Deans List Katie Mueller
Katie reading to kids Katie reading to kids
Crisp County band Crisp County band
Kindal Smith - english teacher Kindal Smith - english teacher

A family experience lead a Crisp County High School student on the path to her future. And shows us how balance in life makes all the difference in tonight's Deans List.

Katie Mueller says "With music it was the first thing I ever had a driving will for something that was my out." Katie says the focus and hard work that band requires along with support keeps her motivated to follow her passion. She says, "I want to be a hard of hearing and deaf teacher."

Katie's nephew was born deaf. Helping with him created a passion for the deaf culture. Katie says, "When we found out he was deaf it made it even harder because we already knew he had cerebral palsy."

Her english teacher says Katie is one of the hardest working students she has ever taught. Kindal Smith says "It's not all about the grades for her. She's hungry for knowledge and she wants to learn because she knows the value of education."  Smith wants her students to succeed and prepare them for the future. Smith says, "I try to convey to my students be positive and be something thats good in the world. Be proactive not reactive. Your grade is not a gift from Miss Smith its something that you earn."

Katie says "I think that's fewer and fewer with each class that comes through here. There's less people that want to work hard for what they want."

Katie says graduating from college is extremely important to her. "My parents didn't graduate from college. For my siblings all of them graduated from high school but right now only one of them is graduating from college."

Katie says staying busy working at the chamber and work based learning keeps her focused and away from making bad decisions. She says, "Your circumstances don't need to determine your future. You don't need to settle into the path that everybody else did you can break out of that you can be the person that made the difference."

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