Grant teaches Tifton kids about fresh foods

Grant teaches Tifton kids about fresh foods

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - It's lunch time at Annie Belle Clark Primary school in Tifton.

Workers are serving up fresh chicken, salads, and blueberries..and the kids are loving it.

"The kids are eating, they are just eating it up, did you see all the chicken bones in there."

It's part of a farm to school planning grant. They want kids to know what its like to eat fresh vegetables like green beans.

"They are steamed and cooked with just a little beef broth. They are wonderful and here from a local farmer as well. Then our blueberries are so juicy and so good. They are from Rutland farms."

They're hoping to get kids in the habit of making good food choices to help fight childhood obesity.

"Our children our eating fast food and they are prisoners to our life style. They don't get fresh so we are showing them what fresh looks like," says

What's being feed to children in schools has come a long way. School officials say grants and regulations has helped bring better food to their plates.

"We have great regulations that have helped us and supported us, and how we cook the food and what we offer, you'll notice our buns are whole grain, our peach valley farm rolls that are made just for school nutrition," she says.

Nutritious food that is also good to eat to these students.

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