Store owner has had enough of burglars

Store owner has had enough of burglars
Blake Bailey
Blake Bailey

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - A store manager is speaking out after two burglars broke into his business, leaving their own trail of destruction. The two got away, but not without getting caught on camera.

The manager at the Shell oil change store is fed up after a recent burglary left his ceiling damaged, and equipment trashed.

"You work hard every day just to have things like this happen to you, I mean it's very frustrating," said Blake Bailey.

Two men walked into the 24-hour car wash Tuesday night around 2 AM, hoping to break in and steal quarters from a change machine.

"They actually stood up on top of the unit; tore out the ceiling here, went in, tore out some insulation where they got on top of the room," said Bailey.

The men even left hand prints behind where they were trying to get in, you see on camera, one of them walks around for a while trying to figure out a way to get inside.

"They were trying to get into these two machines here but of course we have an alarm system with a motion detector. Soon as they got into the room, the motion detector picked them up, the alarm went off, and 10 seconds later they were out of the building. They didn't take a thing," said Bailey.

Bailey says most of the money is taken out overnight, and only minimal change is left for customers.

"They went in, tore out all the insulation. A lot of damage and that's just like taking. We're responsible for replacing the stuff that they messed up," said Bailey.

But that damage they caused creates a real headache.

The men were able to get off through a path in the back, and police have not identified either man. Some items were recovered at the scene and he is hopeful that this will help police identify the two burglars.

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