Man arrested for stealing from church

Man arrested for stealing from church
Zion Hill Baptist Church
Zion Hill Baptist Church

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - A Terrell County man is behind bars, accused of burglarizing a church.

Authorities arrested 51-year-old Patrick Holloway Wednesday, on burglary charges.

Terrell County Sheriff's Sgt. Richard Kilby says Holloway is caught on video at the Dawson Pawn Shop, selling a sound board he stole from Zion Hill Baptist Church.

"The door had been pried, looked like with a crowbar, pried open," said Kilby. "Everything that was taken here corresponds with the other churches."

It was a familiar scene for Terrell County authorities who have now seen four churches burglarized in the past five weeks.

"We definitely have a pattern of someone that's hitting the churches. We've put extra security, as far as making sure all the churches in the county are being checked every day and every night to try to eliminate it as best we can," Kilby said. "I'm not sure if he had any help. I would assume with taking refrigerators you're going to need some help getting those items out of there."

Investigators are hoping that by arresting Holloway they can get clues as to who may have helped him and how many times he struck.

He's also accused of stealing a refrigerator, CD radio and amplifier, totaling about $1,165.

Authorities believe Holloway could be connected to three other church burglaries in the county. And they're investigating to see if he acted alone.

If you have any information call the Terrell County Sheriff's Office at 229-995-4488.

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