Sparks; The Daylily Capital

Sparks; The Daylily Capital
Wayne Taunton
Wayne Taunton

ADEL, GA (WALB) - There about 75,000 registered varieties of daylilies, but the number of possibilities is endless. And you can create your own personal daylily.

These fast-growing flowers are fast-becoming THE symbol of Adel, thanks largely to Wayne Taunton. He became fascinated with daylilies in 1996.

"I like all of them," he said. "I've never seen an ugly one. I told the wife, I said, you know I'd like to try to grow some of them."

And now that's about all he grows at his nursery, Country Lane daylilies. In his retirement, it's pretty much a full-time job. "That's what we do. I enjoy it. It keeps me busy."

Wayne has developed about 1,300 registered varieties of daylilies and has seedlings for about 20,000 more.

Lots of people love daylilies because they too can create their own varieties. "There's about any kind in here that you'd want to see. I've tried a lot of plants, but this is the easiest."

You just take the stamen of one flower you like, put its pollen on the pistil of another flower you like. "That's the pollentor right there. That's all you gotta do."

And in a couple of days, you've got a seed that will produce a unique plant. And, like the streets of the daylily City, you can soon fill your yard with beautiful lilies like this for many days to come.

Sylvia Barr, the late wife of longtime Mayor Dick Barr, loved daylilies and was the guiding force behind starting the daylily festival. Wayne developed a daylily named after her that got her stamp of approval before she passed away.

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