Law enforcers are memorialized

Law enforcers are memorialized

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The 2015 Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony is being held this morning in front of the Government Center at 222 Pine Avenue.

Since 1920 there have been 11 law enforcement officers in Albany and Dougherty County who died in the line of duty. Many members of their families come to this annual event, remembering their loved ones.

Albany Police Officer Randy Brown died in 1979, and his mother Nellie Kimbro, pinned a carnation to honor him, saying this ceremony is vital to her. "I'll be coming to this until I die." Kimbro said

Dougherty County Police Lt. Clifford Rouse, who died in 2010, was also honored by his parents. Rouse's mother Jackie Rouse said "I'll always grieve, but I'll always be healing."

Dozens of fellow officers also remembering their fallen comrades to the sound of 'Taps.'

Georgia Sheriff's Association Executive Director J. Terry Norris said, "To remember and honor our officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. By losing their lives in the line of duty, protecting all of us."

These mothers of fallen officers both said they are appalled how officers across the nation are literally under attack, and called on the community to back their law enforcement officers on the streets everyday.

Kimbro said, "The way they are treated, out of total disrespect, as a human being."

Rouse said, "They are human. And yes they bleed and they hurt and they stand there with you and shed a tear."

Family members whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice as a law enforcement officer, never forgetting the price they paid. And all these people today standing to show their appreciation and love for men and women who died in the line of duty, for a service they believed in.

As part of Law Enforcement Memorial Week, Albany Police officers also helped provide a home to a family in need. Almost a dozen officers spent the morning painting this Sunny Lane home being renovated by Habitat For Humanity.  With recent police deaths across the nation, the officers say this Memorial Week is a special time for them to give back to the community.

Albany Police laced up their bowling shoes Tuesday for their third "Rolling with First Responders." The event is geared to bring community members and law enforcement together over a friendly game at the All-American Fun Park. It also honors officers who have fallen.

At last years's ceremony, Mayor Dorothy Hubbard addressed family members of fallen officers, and Jackie Rouse, the mother of Dougherty County Police Lieutenant Cliff Rouse, spoke about the healing process after her loss. Rouse died in the line of duty in 2010.

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