Americus business jumps on the solar train

Americus business jumps on the solar train

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - A small business is making solar history in downtown Americus, and it could save the investment company some big money.

Crews in Americus unloaded and installed 40 new solar panels on top of a roof downtown Wednesday.

"[It] should offset his utility consumption by 85-90 percent," said Bill Secor with Creative Solar USA.

The business becomes the first in the downtown area to add this new technology in an effort to cut mounting power bills.

"Our power bill averages about $250 a month," said Robert Parks with Edward Jones Investments.

These panels could bring that cost down to nothing and allow Parks to save energy for the future or to sell back to Georgia Power.

"My main reason was financial. The incentives that there are now as far as tax credits and grants made it just a no-brainer," said Parks.

To give you an idea of the cost of those solar panels, they are costing Mr. Parks about $38,000 but you subtract a $12,000 federal tax credit, another $12,000 federal depreciation value, plus a $9,000 USDA grant, and that price really only comes out to about $5,000.

"It's a way to offset current consumption, it's a great way to protect yourselves from increasing utility rates," said Secor.

Secor says more companies in downtown Americus are looking to going solar, and it's something investor Robert Parks suggests you do.

"If I had a client that came to me and said I've got this proposal on this as an investment, I would certainly recommend that they do that, " said Parks.

That means workers may be busier as summer approaches, and people look to save money.

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