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Snakes are active, so be alert

Serviceman Ralph Craven Serviceman Ralph Craven
DNR Ranger Sgt. Scott Carroll DNR Ranger Sgt. Scott Carroll
LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Experts say snakes are very active right now this year in South Georgia, and people are finding them in a number of places they might not expect.

Snakes showing up even inside air conditioners. But the service man who found that one yesterday says it's really not that uncommon.

Leesburg Air Serviceman Ralph Craven was called to a home on Lover's Lane in Lee County, and found a snake inside their air conditioner.

"Units not cooling, wasn't running outside. Took the panel off and of course the first thing I see is that oak snake, that had gotten on the capacitor."

The snake was electrocuted when he shorted out the wires. Craven says it's not a big surprise; he sees this about 15 times a year. "Most of the time if it's a non-poisonous snake, and I'm at a customer's house I haul it off down the road, because most folks don't want snakes in their yard."

DNR Conservation Rangers say they are getting lots of reports of snakes in places people usually don't see them.

"We've had a lot of rain. It's springtime, summertime. Temperatures warming up. Snakes are on the move. They are feeding. Trying to regulate their body temperature," said DNR Ranger Sgt. Scott Carroll.

So snakes will move into cool, dark places during the day, like air conditioners. So experts say if you see a snake, don't panic.

"The best thing to do is just give it some space. If you see it give it some space, back off," Carroll said.

If they suddenly realize they have a snake in their air conditioner or appliance? Craven said "Call Leesburg Air. I'll come out and get it for them."

Rangers remind you snakes are not all bad, and some are beneficial around your home, like the King, Grey Rat or Red Rat snake, that kill rodents and drive off venomous snakes. So they urge you not to just kill any snake that you see.

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