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Bees create quite a buzz for homeowner

Bees on a thermal imaging camera Bees on a thermal imaging camera
Dale Richter Dale Richter
Bobby Powell Bobby Powell
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany home owner finally got rid of tens of thousands of uninvited guests-- living in the walls of his home.

This time of year, you need to be concerned if you see bees flying around your home. They could be making a hive in your house.

What we saw on a thermal imaging camera at Bobby Powell's house were bees. "The yellow is the bees," said Bee expert Dale Richter.

This is the first line of attack of getting rid of bees living inside this home. "I had to take a look at them through the thermal image camera."

The next line of defense is smoking them out. "The smoke is just an alarm pheromone of the bees so when I get in there start coming the pheromones hidden so the bees don't get so mad," Richter said.

A long process that has to be done to Bobby Powell's home. "He said there was anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 bees in there."

Powell said this sticky situation has been growing in his home for three years. "It's the type of thing you'll see in the summer or spring and you begin it's time to get rid of it because the bees stop swarming in the winter," Powell said.

Richter, owner of the Buzz Fuzz, says that homeowners should get their homes checked at the first buzz.

"They would just continue to grow bigger and bigger and if they ran out of room they would actually start swarming out into a tree or into another house."

And the longer the wait the tougher the job. "It's not easy. It's hard; over your head." 

The process of getting rid of bees is not only timely but costly as well. Richter said these bees are those native to Georgia, and not Africanized.

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