New plan could cause big changes to Downtown Albany

New plan could cause big changes to Downtown Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Downtown Albany leaders revealed their downtown master plan to the public Tuesday night.

Strategic Advisory Group came up with recommendations after a nearly 9-month long study of downtown.

The most controversial suggestion is tearing down the Civic Center and building an outdoor sports complex.

The construction would include the consultants building apartments in the Exchange building and turning the old Mule Barn into event space.

" Getting sixty people living downtown, walking around 24/7 would be a big impact. Just to see people walking around downtown on a regular basis," said Tony Peterman Strategic Advisory Group.

" We've got some great people in this community and they're working together but it's going to take money to grow,” said B.J. Fletcher City Commissioner.

Tony Peterman estimates it would take 16-million dollars in public money to implement the full plan.

Some city officials said that's too costly and the plan are too optimistic.

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