Editorial: What Happened to Brandon?

Editorial: What Happened to Brandon?

A recent WALB News 10 investigation took a close look at the ongoing investigation into the mysterious death of 10 year-old Brandon Price and why no one has been charged a year after his death.

We also uncovered recent changes to state law regarding home schooled students.  Local school systems used to get monthly progress reports on home schoolers.  Now, they can't even keep a list of those students.

Brandon was registered with the state as a home schooler, but no local or state education officials had any oversight of his home schooling.  Dougherty County School Superintendent David Mosely believes if Brandon had been in school every day, teachers would have noticed problems.

"This was a child that was lost that didn't have to be lost, " said David Mosely.

Most parents who home school take that responsibility very seriously.  But current state law allows other parents simply to claim they are home schooling when they have no intention of doing so.

We believe that law can put children in danger, and it needs to be changed.

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