Postell: Gang force is a man's world

Postell: Gang force is a man's world

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany City commissioner Tommie Postell stands by his comment that a man should lead Albany's gang task force.

He says the task force began deteriorating under a woman's leadership. "I said they should not be in charge of the gang task force."

Postell made the comments as commissioners talked about the budget during Tuesday's commission meeting.

While Albany city commissioners were discussing the budget, Commissioner Tommie Postell expressed concerns about the gang task force, saying a man should be in charge.

"The male image is more successful with the gang members. Because most of them are boys. They have some females in the gangs too, but it's the males that dominate the gangs."

The gang task force is currently led by Captain Michael Persley, but Postell believes past leaders had a negative impact.

"We had three consecutive females that have been gang task force leaders and the deterioration, started wavering when they keep making the female the gang task force leader."

Postell also believes the officers in the gang task force should be specially selected.

Albany City commissioners haven't voted on the budget yet. Chief Proctor made this request as he prepares to retire.

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