More pay for APD?

More pay for APD?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For the first time in years, albany police officers could be getting a raise.

Albany Police officers haven't had a raise in eight years, that's something Police Chief John Proctor is hoping to change.

"We did ask for some small increase," Proctor said. "To do this kind of work and not have pay increases, frankly I feel bad for the officers. I'm telling you, especially when they can go to other departments very close to here and start off making eight, ten thousand dollars more than they're making now."

The recommended budget from the finance department is about $18.9 million, which is $600,000 less than Chief Proctor requested.

"It was to fully fund all positions. But we have vacant positions, so there's no need to have money out there that you're not using. And when you fill the positions, they give the money back," Proctor said.

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